Skeppshult Spice Grinder Crusher 0077

"Spice" Grinder/Crusher


Cast iron, wood, steel and organic canola oil seasoning. Natural, simple and robust. With its natural non-stick surface that improves with age, our cast iron cookware is made to last, year after year, from generation to generation. Our production process is simple yet a demanding handicraft. Every cast iron object is cast in a unique sand mold which is separated after cooling. This process makes every Skeppshult product unique. Simply a proud piece of handicraft from the deep forests in Småland, southern Sweden

The Skeppshult Spice Grinder/Crusher is a kitchen tool designed to grind and crush herbs and spices. The Spice Grinder/Crusher is made entirely of cast iron, which gives it a sturdy and durable construction.

The grinder features two halves that sit comfortably in the hand at 8am diameter. Simply add in your spices, hold the two halves together and twist. Turn the grinder just a few times for a coarse grind, or keep twisting for a finer finish.

Do not use water to wash the grinder. Instead, use a brush to clean out any dry residue.

8cm diameter.


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How to care for your Skeppshult products - in three easy steps.

Your pans do not need to be washed with soap, instead, wash your pans in warm water without using detergent.

Avoid putting your pans in the dishwasher. This can strip them of their natural non-stick coating and encourage rusting.

Dry your pan thoroughly after washing.

A full , detailed care guide can be found on the care section of our website.


Benefits of using Skeppshult products.

25 year life span.

Works on all types of stovetops, including induction and gas.

Natural non-stick surface made of seasoned organic canola oil.

Only natural 100% ingredients used, you can recycle these products.

Hand cast - each product is unique.

Works on the highest heats and retains heat.

Perfect to be used to serve directly from.